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CENIEH - Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución Humana

Access on Demand

Access on Demand has the purpose of responding to requests for analysis submitted by different users, whether for batches of samples or for individual samples. These requests may be submitted at any time. The Internal Committee of the Centre evaluates the technical capacity and the capacity of the installation. This type of access is intended to be responsive and rapid with a working practice similar to other analytical laboratories. The concession of Access on Demand will be subordinate to times of use of the installation under the terms of Competitive Access, although there is always a time slot reserved in the laboratories for this type of access to go ahead.

The request should include the following documents:

  • Where Access on Demand is as a qualified user or on a self-service basis with the equipment included in the “List of equipment for qualified and self-service users”, the form “Annex: User commitment form” should also be signed and returned before accessing CENIEH. Having filled in this document, it should be returned through the link “indication of user commitments” in the form "Annex: Access on demand", indicating the equipment that is required, both in qualified user mode and in self-service mode.
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