Amanda Merino Pelaz

Amanda Merino Pelaz

Collections Technician


3rd Floor

Amanda Merino Pelaz has a bachelor degree in Archaeology (2015-2019, Complutense University of Madrid). She completed her knowledge with courses in taphonomy, zooarchaeology, statistics and geographic information technologies (GIS and cartography), and got scholarships to study in Durham University (UK) and Turku University (Finland). During the last four years, she has participated in different archaeo-paleontological sites’ field seasons such as Cueva de Guantes (Galería 1 and Villanueva 2) and Cova del Bolomor, in addition to working in laboratories like Olduvai’s Taphonomy (UCM). Her beginnings in research started with her Bachelor’s thesis, Spatial analysis of Early Pleistocene African sites.


Since 2019 she is a support technician of Vertebrate Collections at CENIEH, working with the Osteological Collection of Comparative Anatomy and the Sierra de Atapuerca sites’ collections, under the supervision of Dr Jesús Rodríguez.