Joaquín Panera Gallego

Foto de Joaquín Panera Gallego

Researcher for Spatial Analysis Applied to Lower and Middle Paleolithic Sites.


2nd Floor

Joaquín Panera has a PhD in Prehistory and researcher at Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución Humana (CENIEH). His speciality is the study of the technologic strategies and economy of raw materials, together with the identification of anthropic activities in Palaeolithic sites, in order to provide interpretative frames for the evolution of the behaviour patterns of human groups older than our species.  He is currently co-directing research projects at the Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania), Ambrona and Torralba (Soria), as well as at the rivers Manzanares and Jarama valleys in Madrid. He is also a researcher in several projects of East Africa (Melka Kunture, Ethiopia) and the Iberian Peninsula (Middle stretch of the Tagus valley, Cuesta de la Bajada in Teruel, El Sotillo in Ciudad Real). As for scientific dissemination, he has taken part in publications related to the Palaeolithic, and he has also coordinated and curated exhibitions in several archaeological museums.