Michelle Reynau Claramunt

Michelle Raynau

Geochronology support Technician

Primera Experiencia en Administraciones Públicas Program. Ministerio de Trabajo y Economía Social

3ra Floor

Michelle Reynau Claramunt graduated in Geology from the University of Alicante. She possesses expertise in basin analysis, including stratigraphic, sedimentological, petrographic, and micropaleontological features. Additionally, she conducted geophysics studies focused on Active Tectonics analysis in collaboration with the Earthquake Geology Research Group at the University of Alicante. Furthermore, within the Applied Petrology Research Group at the University of Alicante, she gained experience in characterizing soil textures and pyroclasts, as well as studying the transport of 222Rn and CO2 in soils.

She has extensive experience in outreach activities, having served as an organizer and/or group coordinator for events such as Geolodía, Geoyincana Alicante, European Researchers Night, and the Geology Olympics, among others.

Following her graduation, she joined the CENIEH as a member of the Geochronology and Geology Program, where she has been working since then.