Manuel Santonja Gómez

Foto de Manuel Santonja Gómez

Research Professor Microspatial Analysis.


2nd Floor

University degree and PhD in Geography and History (University of Salamanca and Complutense University. Postgraduate training at the Institut du Quaternaire de Bordeaux with F. Bordes and Cl. Thibault. He has been Professor of Prehistory at the Complutense University, curator at the National Archaeological Museum and Regional Archaeological Museum of Madrid, as well as director (1977-2003) of the museums of Palencia and Salamanca. He has directed investigations in numerous Spanish Palaeolithic sites and Thiongo Korongo (Olduvai, Tanzania). Vice-president (1990-2) and president (1993-1997) of the Spanish Quaternary Association. He belongs to the editorial boards of Zephyrus journals (University of Salamanca); Origini (University "La Sapienza", Rome); Cuadernos de Prehistoria (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid); Bulletin of the National Archaeological Museum (Madrid); ArkeoGazte (Association of young researchers in Archeology) and Glyphos (Patrimonio e Innovación S.L.). He directs the Research Unit of Castilla y León UIC 182, with activities focused on the Palaeolithic of the Iberian Peninsula and the Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania).