Quality and Preventive Health Policy

The Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución Humana (CENIEH) is a scientific and technological facility open to the national scientific and technological community which carries out scientific research on its own premises in the field of human evolution during the Late Neogene and Quaternary, promoting awareness and transfer of knowledge to society, while driving forward and supporting the conduct of and collaboration in excavations of sites belonging to the same periods, both in Spain and in other countries. In addition, the CENIEH is responsible for the conservation, restoration, management and registration of the paleontological and archaeological collections from the excavations of Atapuerca and other archaeological and paleontological sites of similar characteristics, both national and international, which have reached agreements with the Center.

The social commitment of the CENIEH drives it to become a reference organization in the services provided, and to this end it applies a management ethos based on excellence, innovation and continuous improvement as institutional values.

Within this approach, the CENIEH has developed a system of management based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 Standards, as a tool for creating value for the organization and for users of the infrastructure.

The management system has been developed in line with the following principles:

  • To ensure proper use of CENIEH resources, guaranteeing the provision of technically proficient services under safe conditions and proper quality management.
  • To ensure compliance with user requirements, as well as with the legal and regulatory demands.
  • To adopt measures to identify, evaluate and control the possible risks, to avert occupational accidents and lapses in quality.
  • To plan for risk prevention, seeking a coherent policy which integrates techniques, work organization, working conditions, social relationships, the influence of environmental factors on the work, and the levels of quality demanded.
  • To renew and update the resources and facilities to adapt them to the new technologies coming onto the market, within the possibilities of the Organization, to help to avert any damage to worker health, and to enhance the quality of the service.

In order to meet these objectives, Management undertakes to promote the following:

  • To furnish the organizational, technical and human resources necessary to attain success in this initiative, ensuring appropriate conditions for the workers, and meeting the quality standards defined.
  • To establish a trust relationship with the users based on personalized attention, transparency and good service.
  • To lead the implementation of a risk prevention culture, fostering the participation and awareness of all the workers, in addition to a culture of management improvement.
  • To strengthen occupational skills and the all-round development of human talent, to have qualified personnel with a high level of awareness of the Center's objectives and policy in relation to risk prevention and quality, of the risks associated to their jobs and the preventive and protective measures to be adopted in the course of their activities, as established in the management system.

These principles, which will be disseminated to the entire organization, shall serve as guidance for determining the objectives which will be established each year, subject to criteria of continuous improvement, to ensure that the policy of the CENIEH is fulfilled, thanks to the efforts and collaboration of all the workers and the support of Management.