Access and User Office

CENIEH is a research centre belonging to the national network of Unique Science & Technical Infrastructures (ICTS). The ultimate goal of these infrastructures, which have to pursue a strategic approach and remain available to the whole R&D+i community, is to place the cutting-edge scientific and technical installations that they manage at the disposal of the national and the international scientific, technological, and industrial community.

Access to the Installations and the resources that the Centre manages are therefore regulated in two ways, in accordance with whether occasional analyses are required (Access on Demand), or whether access is required (Competitive Access) with a view to the development of research projects, the fine-tuning of methodologies or the performance of experiments.

The modalities considered in both types of access are as follows:

  • By order: in this case, samples will be delivered to the Centre or specimen samples will be taken by CENIEH staff and analyzed by CENIEH staff, sending out the results in the form of a report.
  • Qualified users: in this case, the applicants may access the Centre to make use of the equipment and to analyze their own samples: to do so, the applicants may consult the available techniques in use and the requirements for their access in the List of equipment for qualified users and for self-service. When access is gained as a Qualified User, self-service equipment may be used as required, but should be indicated in the preceding form and sent with the necessary documentation required for each type of access.
  • Presential: the person requesting access can make use of the CENIEH installations over lengthy periods of time (long-term), during which samples may be processed by order or in qualified user or self-service mode, as may be required. This type of access is more commonly authorized in the framework of Competitive Access.

At any time and on the basis of the access modality, the Centre is open to receive specific access requests from the technological-scientific community at and to provide assessment in the definition of their applied and technological research projects, during the drafting phase. If these access requests include the use of ICTS and if their project has been approved in competitive calls for research projects at national, European or international levels, then their entrance through Competitive Access will be prioritized for the performance of analyses, for the application of techniques and procedures, and for the use of the installations by the project researchers and/or the technicians.