Access and User Office

CENIEH is a research centre belonging to the national network of Unique Science & Technical Infrastructures (ICTS). The ultimate goal of these infrastructures, which have to pursue a strategic approach and remain available to the whole R&D+i community, is to place the cutting-edge scientific and technical installations that they manage at the disposal of the national and the international scientific, technological, and industrial community.

ICTS offer an opening capacity percentage of their essential services under Competitive Open Access for the use by national and international public and private sector researchers, with the support of technical and administrative personnel of the ICTS. Infrastructures access is ruled by a public “Access Protocol” that describes the procedure and criteria for access to the infrastructure. The main features of  Competitive Open Access are that R+D+i quality of activities developed at the infrastructure should be proven and that requests for access should be prioritized on the basis of objective criteria.

At any time and on the basis of the access modality, the Centre is open to receive specific access requests from the technological-scientific community at and to provide assessment in the definition of their applied and technological research projects, during the drafting phase. If these access requests include the use of ICTS and if their project has been approved in competitive calls for research projects at national, European or international levels, then their entrance through Competitive Access will be prioritized for the performance of analyses, for the application of techniques and procedures, and for the use of the installations by the project researchers and/or the technicians.