This project is the successor to the earlier project ARIADNE, and is founded on its results, supporting the research community created by the earlier project, developing the relationships with the principal stakeholders, such as the most important archaeological associations in Europe, researchers, heritage professionals, national heritage agencies, etc. The new expanded association covers the whole of Europe, and includes leaders in different archaeological domains such as Paleoanthropology


This project entitled: "The Pleistocene and the Holocene of the Sierra de Atapuerca. Hominid settlement patterns in Europe, chronological, spatial and environmental framework, and cognition and technology", granted for the period 2019-2021, focuses on Geology , Paleoecology and Paleobiology of hominids during Pleistocene and Holocene in the Sierra de Atapuerca (Burgos, Spain)


This project entitled "The transition from aggradation to degradation in Iberian Cenozoic basins: Chronostratigraphic framework" aims to establish the chronology of selected fluvial terraces in the two principal Iberian Cenozoic basins, one a foreland basin (Ebro) and the other intracratonic (Duero), to bound the start of basin incision and excavation in time


This project, entitled "Variability in human behavior during the European Middle Pleistocene: Coexistence of the Acheulean and the Middle Paleolithic in the Iberian Peninsula" (COHUPLEME), aims to study the coexistence of the Acheulean and Middle Paleolithic technocomplexes at several open-air sites in the Iberian Peninsula

Collections, Conservation & Restoration

This project entitled "Enhancement of the Collections, Conservation and Restoration", co-financed by ERDF 2018 funds, aims to update and improve the current capacity for housing collections and develop the potential of essential lines of research, mainly within the CENIEH Archaeology Program.

Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania

This project, entitled "Economy of raw materials, patterns of behavior and occupation of the territory associated with technological development in the Olduvai gorge (Tanzania). 2" (HAR2017-82463-C4-2P) is structured around the site of the beginning of the Achelense of Thiongo Korongo (TK), in which the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the Universidad de Valladolid also participate

Gona, Ethiopia

This project entitled "Middle Stone to Late Stone Age at Gona, Afar, Ethiopia: New sites 50-10,000 years ago", aims to study the biological as well as the behavioral evolution of 'H. sapiens', and the meaning of the variability in the MSA as well as the nature of the transition to the LSA

Tamajón Karst (Guadalajara)

This project is developed annually to excavate and investigate the findings of the Tamajón karst area (Cueva de los Torrejones and shelter de la Malia). It is a research of a marked multidisciplinary nature with the participation of various national and foreign research institutions


This project entitled "Evolution of the Lower Paleolithic in East and North Africa (2.6-0.2 Ma)" focuses in the implications in the behavioral, cognitive and biological evolution of the first 'Homo' and 'Homo erectus'. Gona in Ethiopia, and Ain Hanech (including Ain Boucherit) and Tighennif in Algeria, are three of the most important Palaeoanthropological research areas for investigating the biological, behavioural and cognitive evolution of Early Pleistocene human ancestors