Unit of Scientific Culture and Innovation

In 2008 the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit of the CENIEH became a member of the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit Network (UCC+I). Its main objective is to support the communication and dissemination of results of scientific research carried out at the CENIEH. This UCC+I is part of a project launched by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, in collaboration with the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) to join society and the advances of the scientific community.

In addition, this Unit promotes the organization of all kinds of activities targeted to the general public, such as Scientific Outreach Conferences, Science Week, European Researchers' Night, etc. Another of its comittmments is to establish links with UCC+I throughout the country, an activity that is carried out through the ComCiRed portal. Moreover a direct relationship is maintained with Scientific Information and News Services (SINC), as well as with other sites of interest such as The Spanish Observatory of Innovation and Knowledge.

Finally, the UCC+I of the CENIEH works to promote the participation of the CENIEH researchers in their task of scientific communication. For this, he disseminates both his research and his scientific opinion on various issues.