One of the roles of CENIEH is the curation of the collections stored therein as the result of excavations at archaeological and paleontological sites. It is hoped that such collections will steadily expand with the entry of more and more archaeological and paleontological remains from different excavations, particularly those linked to projects carried out by the center's teams.

It therefore boasts facilities that are suitable for the storage of a large volume of pieces, ensuring optimal conditions for their long-term curation. The conservation is also guaranteed by Conservation and Restoration Laboratory. It also has a modern Database system which has been specifically designed to catalog its collections and for the management of the associated contextual information, including the identification of pieces through RFID labels and barcodes. The collection management system has been designed to facilitate the study of the collections by researchers and to provide them with contextual information. The collections are grouped in:

-Osteological Collection of Comparative Anatomy (COAC)

-Lithic Collection, Experimental Traceology Collection (CET) and Mineral Collection (LITHO)

-Archaeo-Paleontological Collection (AP)