Jesús Rodríguez Méndez

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Ph.D.  in Biology and specialist in the palaeoecology of European Pleistocene mammals, with an special interest in the interaction between palaeoecology and human evolution. Dr. Rodriguez participated in the Atapuerca Research Team during 25 years, he also conducted field work in Uruguay and he is the co-director of the field work at the Cueva de Guantes sites (Palencia, Spain). His research interest focused initially on the evolution of mammalian community structure, the influence of climate change on the extinction of megafauna and the influence of climatic and historical factors on the composition of recent faunas. Eventually, he also focused on the study of the trophic ecology of mammalian palaeocommunities and human-carnivore interactions using mathematical models. Dr. Rodriguez collaborates with the Palaeophisyology and Human Ecology Group at CENIEH in the study of Human Ecology in Pleistocene Europe