Ana Álvaro Gallo

Foto de Ana Álvaro Gallo

Archaeometry Laboratory Technician.


3rd Floor

Ana Alvaro has a university degree in Geology and a PhD in Geology (University of the Basque Country). Since 2010 she is technician in Archaometry laboratory at the National Research Center for Human Evolution in Burgos (Spain). After a career in mineralogy and geochemistry, she worked with several analytical techniques for material characterization and, subsequently, she made analysis of supergene alteration minerals of sulphides, mainly iron oxides, sulphates and efflorescences. She mainly works as technician in Archaometry laboratory, where the laboratory aims to support research in the areas of geology, archeology and heritage. She works in X-ray diffraction, X- ray fluorescence, Raman Spectroscopy, Infrared Spectroscopy and Thermal Analysis.