Pilar Fernández Colón

Foto de Pilar Fernández Colón

Conservation and Restauration Laboratory Technician.


1st Floor

Degree in Conservation & Restoration of Archaeological Heritage (ESCRBC Madrid).  Master in Preventive Conservation in Museums & Exhibitions (University of Alcalá). She has worked and cooperated with national and international museums and institutions such as MAR (Alcalá de Henares), El Bardo (Algiers), GNM (Tbilisi), MAEF (Ibiza and Formentera), Max Planck for Evolutionary Anthropology (Leipzig), or the Institute of Archeology (University of Algiers2). It is worth highlighting her experience as conservator-restorer in Plio-Pleistocene sites like those at sierra de Atapuerca (Burgos), El-Kherba (Algeria), Dmanisi (Georgia), El Sidrón (Asturias), Pinilla del Valle (Madrid) or Cuesta de la Bajada (Teruel). Since 2006 is responsible of the Conservation & Restoration Area at the CENIEH, of which she has defined the laboratory guidelines on preventive and remedial conservation, and restoration. In addition, she collaborates in the conservation and exhibition of the permanent collection at MEH (Burgos).