The CENIEH and the UBU collaborate on integrating human evolution data into ARIADNEplus

Gonzalo Cuesta Marín, a Computer Engineering student at the Universidad de Burgos, has developed a software infrastructure which enables Human Evolution data from the CENIEH to be published on this European platform

Among the things made possible by paid internships, along with completing final degree works (TFG) in Computer Engineering, is collaboration on European projects with large research structures. This has been the case of Gonzalo Cuesta Marín, a Computer Engineering student from the Universidad de Burgos (UBU), who completed his TFG within the framework of ARIADNEplus, the European project in which the Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución Humana (CENIEH) is a participant.

The collaboration between the UBU and the CENIEH came about through an earlier study in which Dr. Carlos López Nozal and Mario Juez Gil identified the CENIEH’s needs and used these to define lines of work for the TFG. Cuesta Marín has designed and implemented a software infrastructure to act as a bridge between the CENIEH and ARIADNEplus, to publish the data of this research center located in Burgos on the European platform.

This involved a detailed study of both the datasets and the management solutions the CENIEH currently has in place. It also required in-depth analysis of the way the ARIADNEplus platform works, to ensure that all the above could be incorporated into it.

Cuesta Marín was awarded a distinction for this work, his findings have been published with an Open Source license and they are freely available in a GitHub repository:

Serving European research

The purpose of ARIADNEplus is to integrate and effectively serve a research community that studies the past to better understand the present with the tools and the methodology of the future, with the clear objective of service to culture and society.

The project is made up of 41 partners, 23 European countries and 4 international institutions, through the integration of different data infrastructures. The CENIEH is one of these, as a Unique Scientific & Technical Infrastructure (ICTS) open to the scientific and technological community, whose research activity focuses on human evolution during the Late Neogene and Quaternary.

Thanks to the innovative software developed at the Universidad de Burgos, the CENIEH will enjoy increased visibility and impact at a European level, facilitating and streamlining future progress in human evolution research.